Quick start

After installation

Once installed, the Pull Request Review Dashboard will add a new menu item in the repository sidebar

When dashboard is open at first time, all existing pull requests are moved to status "In preparation". Then it's up to user to move it to proper status. It can be easily done by dragging a card which belongs to this PR.


Each user should follow the rule, that as soon as PR is created and it's ready for review, card should be moved to status "Ready for review". Then user or users who review PRs should move card to status "In review" to show that PR is in review process. If review is done and PR needs some adjustments, card should be moved by reviewer to status "In preparation". Once reviewer approves PR, the card will have special badge



After PR is merged the card will be moved to status "Done" automatically.

This addon is free for 30 days without any limitation of features. You can extend your trial subscription by 30 days moreby providing credit card information. Your credit card will not be charged for the trial extension.

In order to add credit card information, go to Project settings → Billing details (under “PULL REQUESTS REVIEW DASHBOARD” block)


Addon if free of charge for up to 5 active users.

Payment process is made by using one of the best payment provider on the market - Stripe

Don’t hesitate to contact us If you have any questions or suggestions.

And if you have questions regarding payments, write us here.